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        About Us
        About us
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        Corporate Culture
        corporate culture

        Corporate Spirit: Iwill learn what's good, I will catch up with what's fast, and when others come forward, I will take wings and fly.

        Development Goal: Utilize rich overseas information technology resources, combined with domestic practice, to achieve leapfrog development, and build Yinghua Rongtai into a cross industry, cross region, cross boundary, core competitiveness, vibrant and dynamic multinational group as soon as possible.

        Corporate Values: people-oriented, technological innovation, and serving doctors and patients, Strong Enterprise Serving the Country

        Enterprise Color: Mainly Blue, supplemented by Red

        Enterprise Ethics: Patriotic, Dedicated, and Honest

        Enterprise Style: Pragmatic, Efficient, and Transcendent

        Technology Philosophy: Technology is the driving force for the company's progress

        Development Philosophy: Innovation is the soul of the company's development

        Talent Philosophy: Talents are the core of the company's growth

        Marketing Philosophy: Service first, achieving win-win situation

        Management Philosophy: Details determine success or failure

        Market Philosophy: Being a customer, Make a friend

        Quality Philosophy: Pursue perfection and never let a substandard product enter the market

        Learning Philosophy: Create a learning enterprise

        Benefit Philosophy: Seek benefits from cost, not from customers

        Enterprise Advertising Slogan: Yinghua Rongtai, strong spirit, heart like the sea, worth looking forward to